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Obedience training is the foundation on which we build a great pet or competitive athlete. All activities for dogs, whether it's agility, herding, lure-coursing, tracking, competitive obedience and rally or just a pleasant walk in the park - rely on basic obedience training.

Tyler Obedience Training Club instructors believe and teach that the dog must want to do what you ask and need not be forced to do it. While it's best to start young, the old saying, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks," simply is not true. It is never too late to develop a positive working relationship with your dog. Obedience training prepares both you and your dog to be true companions.

Competition Obedience and Rally Trials test a dog's ability to perform a prescribed set of exercises on which it is scored. As you progress with your dog, you both move from Beginning Novice to Novice to Open and into Utility Exercises — earning performance titles and recognition along the way.

Experience the ultimate in companionship and teamwork. Taste the thrill of competition. Join a TOTC training class and participate in obedience trials. Not only is it lots of fun, but your dog will love you for it as will anyone who comes in contact with your obedient dog!

We hope you are looking forward to our AKC Obedience & Rally Trials in Longview this year. Mark your calendar to come see the finest obedience and rally competitors in the South Central US competing for titles, awards, special recognitions, and prizes! Friday, Saturday, & Sunday July 28-29-30, 2017.

A special note about the current Canine Influenza outbreak. We at TOTC are closely monitoring the current outbreak. At this time, we have no plans to limit or cancel any of our trial activities in late July. Special precautions will be taken in all rings to make sure that judges and stewards will clean their hands between each dog. We ask that every competitor closely observe their dogs and limit exposure as much as possible in the next two months. We will be asking all competitors to play it safe at our trials and use extra caution.

Trial Information and Premium List
Tyler Obedience Training Club
Obedience OC MATCHES
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PRE_REGISTRATION is being offered for the first time ever this year!
See the premium list pages 15-16 for details and re-entry form!

4:00pm - 7:00pm
Sign up begins at 2:00 pm

Beginning ½ hour after High in Trial
$7.00 for Seven Minutes - Utility
$5.00 for Five Minutes - Open & Novice
Sign up begins at 7:30 am

Beginning ½ Hour after High in Trial
Sign up begins at 7:30 am

Club Members & volunteers will be available to call patterns.