In the absence of the President and Vice President, Club Secretary, Ann Buchanan, called the meeting to order at 6:50 PM.


REPORT OF THE SECRETARY: A motion was made, seconded and approved to dispense with the reading of the minutes of the February 2009 meeting. Ann passed around correspondence from AKC about a program Nightline is preparing that is expected to be critical of purebred dog breeders. Correspondence of this sort is passed along for informational purposes only and each member is encouraged to research any area they are interested in to form their own opinion. Ann also announced that the 1st Annual Lindale Music Fest is scheduled for the last weekend in March if anyone was interested in going. TOTC was invited but declined to send a formal group because it seemed that they wanted us to participate in a “petting zoo” type of situation and loud music accompanied by lots of people might not bring out the best in even our best dogs.


REPORT OF THE TREASURER: Treasurer Don Etheridge reported that once the totals are complete it looks like we will break even with the February Agility Trial. We don’t see them often, but we did have one NSF check for Puppy Class along with a $3.00 fee. He has written the people a letter requesting that they make good on the check and the fee. Don reminded us that we will be spending a little less money each month because we will be discontinuing the answering service and depending on our website, email and the Yahoo Group to communicate. Don’s report was approved. A copy of the financial report is available to any member upon request.


REPORT OF THE TRAINING DIRECTOR: Training Director, Robin Visniski, reported that we are nearing the end of the first session. Don will administer the CGC test on Tuesday evening at 7:00 PM. The cost is $10 and it is an AKC test. It will be administered again in 4 weeks. The next Obedience registration is April 14th. 6:30 classes will be Pet, Novice and Puppy. Tentatively scheduled to teach are Kathleen McCullough-Pet, Carl Strange-Novice and Janine Islam-Puppy. Beginning Rally will start at 7:45. After feedback from the last Rally Class the Executive Board has changed it back to a 6-week class. Fee for Rally is back to $60 for non-members and $30 for TOTC members. The next Agility registration is April 16th. Robin needs teachers for all 4 levels.


REPORT OF THE TRAINING SECRETARY: Carl had nothing to report.



Agility Trial – Cheryl Etheridge reported that the February Trial went well although attendance was down. There was a problem with the footing not being packed as we would have wanted. We will work on that for the May Trial. The Raffle will be for workers only. The Board is setting up Scoring Seminars, to be held at Lucky Dog Park, so our members can learn and feel comfortable with all of the elements of an Agility Trial. On April 5th & May 3rd we will run practice shows with courses set up and dogs running so members can practice, scoring, scribing, time keeping etc. It will either be free or just $5 to the people who run their dogs as they will benefit from practice in a realistic setting but allow our scorers time to discuss and learn from their runs.

Seminars – Cheryl Etheridge reported that she is still in preliminary negotiations for TOTC to host Tracking, Obedience and/or Agility seminars.


Obedience & Rally Trials, Longview – Don Etheridge reported that the Judges are hired, Onofrio is in line with our having C-Matches Friday and Saturday and we’ve requested that they align the entrants by jump heights, our limits are the same as last year, Amanda Miksovsky is learning all about organizing Trials – We’re almost ready to go! The Raffle will be for everyone. Belinda Steelman still needs help in the kitchen both Saturday and Sunday.


Obedience & Rally Trial, Canton – It looks like we will have another Obedience & Rally Trial on Saturday October 10th in Canton in conjunction with Tyler Texas Kennel Club’s Conformation Show. Don will remain as Chairman and all of the Committee heads will remain the same. Onofrio will be Superintendent. Since we will have one Rally Ring and one Obedience Ring we will have to limit entries. We can’t overwork our judges. TOTC members who want to show will have unofficial priority. This will be outdoors under a covered concrete pavilion and there will be no food concessions.




Don gave thanks to Gordie Altman for providing the expertise in getting a bulletin/display board up in the arena at Lucky Dog Park. The corkboard and whiteboards are up and all we need now is a display case. Don also requested that everyone keep the Newsletter in mind and submit articles. It takes more than one person to put together a good club newsletter.




Don announced that there is a Judge’s continuing education seminar, also open to non-judges, scheduled April 18 & 19 at Houn’ House in Dallas. Obedience will be the subject on the 18th and Rally on the 19th. If anyone wants details he can provide them.


Belinda Steelman suggested that the club invest in a plaque to put on display at Lucky Dog showing all of the previous Sportsmanship Award recipients. It would be a nice thing to do in general and also give a reference each year as to who is eligible for the award.




First Reading – Jamie Asido, Sonia’s husband, has a new Border Collie and is ready to train as a TOTC Member!


Second Reading – Susan Islam was voted on and accepted as Junior Member. Suzy Walker was voted on and accepted. Welcome and welcome back!


Ann adjourned the meeting at 7:30 PM.