President Kathleen McCullough called the meeting to order at 6:45 PM.


REPORT OF THE SECRETARY: A motion was made, seconded and approved to dispense with the reading of the minutes of the March 2009 meeting.  Secretary Ann Buchanan passed around new correspondence from AKC about legislation affecting dog ownership in Texas.  Members can also keep updated by going to  Ann also announced that TOTC was sending a memorial to Hospice of East Texas in honor of June Cook’s mother.


REPORT OF THE TREASURER: Treasurer Don Etheridge reported that we almost broke even on the February Agility Trial.  Besides regular rent, expenses in March included licenses and permits, education grants, insurance and miscellaneous supplies.  Don’s report was approved.  A full copy of the financial report is available to any member upon request.


REPORT OF THE VICE PRESIDENT:  Vice President Mary Jenkins said that shirts and hoodies were available for purchase.  The next General Membership Meeting will be May 7 at Lucky Dog Park with a dogcart demonstration as the program.


REPORT OF THE TRAINING DIRECTOR: Training Director Robin Visniski handed out TOTC Bucks Teaching Certificates to those who taught and assisted during the first session this year.  Rusty Marten, Robin Visniski, Cheryl Etheridge, Don Etheridge, Karen Strange, Carl Strange, Mary Jenkins, Mary Dick, Nancy Ihrig, Janine Islam, Sonia Asido, Kathleen McCullough & June Cook all received certificates–some more than one.  We could not accomplish what we do without volunteers.  Thanks!  The next opportunity to teach or assist with a class will begin April 14 for Obedience Classes and April 16 for Agility Classes.  See Robin about volunteering for these sessions or any scheduled later in the year.  Robin also showed the members some new sturdy affordable practice agility equipment they now sell at Petland.  Contact Robin or Dave for more information.


REPORT OF THE TRAINING SECRETARY: Training Secretary Carl Strange reported on the 3 & 7-week surveys we administer in the Obedience Classes.  The results were excellent. 




Agility Trial – Cheryl Etheridge reported that May 16-17 Trial is set but we will need lots of helpers.  Mary Jenkins will be Chief Ring Steward.  Carl Strange is the Trial Secretary.  The Raffle will be for workers only and Robin Visniski passed around a list for Raffle donations.  She also reminded everyone that the first of two Scoring Seminars would be Sunday April 5th from 12 to 4 at Lucky Dog Park.  We plan to hold a practice show with courses set up and dogs running so members can practice, scoring, scribing, time keeping etc.  The second is scheduled for Sunday May 3rd also from 12 to 4 at Lucky Dog Park.  Both are free to the people who run their dogs and they will benefit from practice in a realistic setting.  President Kathleen McCullough let the Club know that a Whippet Club approached us about joining together to use the Texas Rose Horse Park on the weekend of our Agility Trial with their group holding a lure-coursing event.  Since we only rent the areas we use there wasn’t really anything to do as a joint venture so the Board declined the offer. 


Seminars – Cheryl Etheridge reported that she has contacted Charlene Dunn about leading a Tracking Seminar hosted by TOTC.  Since the weather is a factor and there is already so much scheduled this Spring, Cheryl hopes to settle on a date in October.  The price for working spots will probably be around $100 for TOTC members.  Members will also get priority in registration for the working spots.  Cheryl hopes this will be a prelude to TOTC having a Tracking Trial.


Obedience & Rally Trials, Longview – Don Etheridge reported that everything is set and that the final draft of the Premium List is almost finished.  


Obedience & Rally Trials, Canton – Don also reported on the Obedience & Rally Trials scheduled Saturday October 10th in Canton in conjunction with TTKC’s Confirmation Show.  The AKC Applications have been submitted and he is working on getting judges.




Carl Strange reported that the 3-week Mini Obedience Clinic being held at Dr. Beard’s office is going well.  Some dedicated owners braved chilly windy weather and were impressed with the activities.




Kathleen McCullough announced that TOTC has been invited to do Obedience demonstrations at an event hosted by Klein Animal Shelter on Saturday May 2nd from 11 to 3.  It will be held at the Nichols-Green II Park in Jacksonville.  Robin Visniski said she would bring the pop-ups for shade.  Members with dogs at any training level are encouraged to participate so we can show how training can progress.  Micro chipping with a universal chip for $10 and low cost vaccinations will be offered at the event.  Kathleen will send an email reply accepting the invitation.


Robin Visniski is in the process of making new picture boards to set up at events showing all of the things TOTC does.  The old ones are outdated and she would like members to send her pictures so we can have current members and their dogs on the boards.


We now have a bulletin and dry erase board up at Lucky Dog Park.  Members can post information there.  On that note, Joal and Dena Fedor have some used agility equipment for sale.  For those who are not familiar with the Fedors, Cheryl can put you in contact with them if you are interested.  Rusty Marten brought up a DVD he has on training weave poles and offered to lend them out if anyone would like to review them to see if they would like to buy their own.


Kathleen reminded the club that TOTC has a library of materials that members can check out.  Don said he would like to see the contents in a case over by the bulletin board so they will be easier for everyone to use instead of in a storeroom.  Lesa Ross said she has an unused audio equipment cabinet that might be a good size and offered it to the club if it fits the need.


Lesa Ross is part of an organization in Alba called RPAL (Rescued Pet Adoption League).  They are trying to organize basic obedience classes and if they do would like TOTC CGC evaluators to come and administer the GCG Test when they get far enough along. 




First Reading – Carlton (Carlie) Cann has a Miniature Schnauzer named Sadie and has taken Pet Class.  Anna Carter (Junior Member) has also taken Pet Class and her Cocker Spaniel is named Hannah.  Dee Dietz is a former member who has Doberman Pinschers Maggie and Max.  Karen Olsen and her Golden Retriever took a class during our first session this year.  Susan Roberts took Pet Class and she has two mix breed dogs, Logan and Skye.  Kathy Smith took Pet Class this year and has four dogs, Syrah (Doberman) – Star (Boxer) – Laura & Augie (Cardigan Welsch Corgis)


Second Reading – Jaime Asido was voted on and accepted as a TOTC Member.  Welcome as an official member Jaime! 


Kathleen adjourned the meeting at 7:35 PM.




Teri Altman announced that Riley her Border Collie is the Therapet Banner Dog whose picture is going up on billboards and other advertising all over East Texas.  Teri also announced that Therapet is having a raffle and anyone who wants tickets can contact her or any other Therapet member.


Rusty Marten said that he and Reo got a Team Q and are eligible to go to the Agility Nationals.  He is also in the process of getting a Border Collie and is looking forward to working with her.


Donna Doyle announced the birth of her new granddaughter Emily Grace.  Of course she had pictures!


Kathleen McCullough was happy to say that Tess passed her Therapet temperament test.




Belinda Steelman said that Harry was home with Reagan who has been very ill.  Reagan has been in their lives for 11 years and as dog and pet owners we understand what they are going through in his last days.