President Kathleen McCullough called the meeting to order at 6:40 PM.


REPORT OF THE SECRETARY: A motion was made, seconded and approved to dispense with the reading of the minutes of the May meeting.  Secretary Ann Buchanan had name badges for new members but none were present.


REPORT OF THE TREASURER: Treasurer Don Etheridge reported that the February and May Agility Trials made around $1,600.  For 2009 we have made a profit of around $3,000.  Don’s report was approved.  A full copy of the financial report is available to any member upon request.  Don also reminded everyone that we have an Education Reserve Fund and members can apply for financial help to attend educational programs as long as the subject would be beneficial to TOTC and they share the information they learn.  Applications are available from any TOTC Executive Board Member. 


REPORT OF THE VICE PRESIDENT:  Vice President Mary Jenkins said the program for the meeting that evening would be a presented by her and Debbie Lovelady on the information they learned at a Charlene Dunn Rally Seminar.  Mary also said she had dog bandanas available for $5.  She announced that the TOTC annual picnic will be Thursday September 10 and more details will follow.


REPORT OF THE TRAINING DIRECTOR: Training Director Robin Visniski reported that we were finishing up class sessions until Fall.  Cheryl was the CGC Evaluator at the conclusion of one of the last Pet Classes and 7 dogs passed.  Robin asked for helpers at Cheryl’s Tuesday evening 7:45 PM Pet/Puppy Class for the next 3 weeks.  Robin also announced that TOTC member training would be available at Lucky Dog during the break between formal class sessions.  In July at 6:30 PM the 3 Tuesdays before the Longview Trials help will be available and geared toward preparing those who are going to compete at the Trials.  Thursdays in July and August at 6:30 PM Agility equipment will be set up and members are welcome to come out and work.






May Agility Trial – Trial Chair Cheryl Etheridge thanked everyone who helped and said we had gotten lots of positive feedback from the participants and the judges.  Mary Jenkins, Chief Ring Steward thanked everyone and said her job went well because everyone was willing to help where needed when asked.  Carl Strange was especially impressed with all of the help at the scoring tables.  Since there were enough people it meant that, for once, scoring volunteers were able take breaks and enjoy watching.  Next year we will present more opportunities for TOTC members to learn about the different jobs in an Agility Trial.  We already have a deposit at Texas Rose Horse Park for the third weekend in February 2010.  Competition will be on February 21 and 22.  Cheryl Etheridge committed to be Show Chair and Mary Jenkins will be Chief Ring Steward again.  Dave Visniski said he would be a Chief Course Builder again and thinks that having some pre-show contact with the judges would make it easier to execute the courses the way the judges envision them.  We will also have to get some updated equipment


Seminars – Cheryl Etheridge reported that the Tracking Seminar with Charlene Dunn would be November 21 & 22 at Lucky Dog Park.  More details are to come but TOTC members will have first choice for the working spots.  Cheryl also hopes to have a Tracking Test in future. 


Obedience & Rally Trials, Longview – Don Etheridge reported that the Premium List was about to come out.  Saturday July 25 is TOTC’s show and Sunday July 26 we will steward for the Longview Kennel Club show.  We will be in the Jaycee Exhibit Building on the grounds of the Maude Cobb Complex.  Belinda Steelman reported that she would need 5 workers to help her.  We will have the same menu since it seems to work well.  BBQ with beans etc on Saturday and Lasagna and salad etc on Sunday.  Dessert for both days will be chocolate chip cookies.  She was to put in the application to the Longview Health Department to the next week.  All TOTC workers will get meal tickets to turn in when they eat.  Kathleen McCullough is in charge of the C-Matches and announced we will have 2 this year.  Mostly exhibitors will man the Friday afternoon match but we will need a few TOTC people to help.  Saturday after the Trials we will have the second C-Match run by TOTC.  Price is $10 for 7 minutes in the ring to work on whatever the person wants (Obedience only – no Rally), plus long sits and downs.  Ann Buchanan is in charge of Hospitality and will be a go between for the Judges, LKC and TOTC.  Tina Albritton is Chief Ring Steward and a sign-up sheet was passed around.  When you act as a steward you get to watch up close and learn what goes on in the ring.  We need everyone to arrive by 7:30 AM at the latest and doughnuts and coffee will be available for those who get there earlier before the judges want them at their rings.  Everyone should wear a white shirt and dark pants.  TOTC vests will be provided.  New people will be paired with experienced stewards and the judges tell you how they want things done anyway.  Robin Visniski was still taking donations for the July Raffle and said that anything nice would be acceptable and does not have to be dog related.


Obedience & Rally Trials, Canton – Don also reported that he was still working with Tyler Texas Kennel Club to organize the show for October 10.  Kathleen McCullough started her list and asked for sponsors for prizes.  Each Class is $35.  High in Trial and High Combined are $100 each and more than one person can sponsor a prize. Special or Breed prizes are provided by the donors and should be worth $25 to $35.



East Texas State Fair – We have some volunteers but still need an overall coordinator for the event on September 30.  Bill McFarlin said that JD from Greatest American Dog will be visiting in the Fall and if the dates coincide he might be able to appear at our demonstration with his Frisbee dogs. 



A discussion was held about whether TOTC would like to add another Agility organization to our affiliations.  The Executive Board wanted to know TOTC member thoughts so they can do what will benefit the most members.  AKC and CPE are the two that we might consider.  CPE allows mixed breed dogs (as does USDAA) but there is less pressure and you can achieve titles etc with less pressure.  By report they have games that are really fun.  It seems to be motivating to new participants.  We could limit our entries and use Lucky Dog Park as the facility.  Robin and Dave Visniski will find out what it would take to be affiliated with CPE and what type of equipment and software would be needed.  Terry Dyck is experienced with CPE and would be a good resource.  AKC would be another option but we already know that they have some different equipment requirements.  They are beginning to accept mixed breed dogs for non-conformation events but their current policy does not allow mixed breed dogs to compete with purebred participants.  This seems reminiscent of the old “separate but equal” doctrine.  That being said, our members with purebred dogs who want to get an all around title would be helped by our having AKC Agility.  More information and discussion is needed and additional information will be gathered and presented later. 


Robin Visniski said that the Daisy Peel agility seminar was really good and she and Dave would like to offer another session.  She thinks possibly late in the Fall.




First Reading – Marion Dunn and Charles Dunn who took Pet Class and passed the CGC.


Kathleen adjourned the meeting at 8:50 PM.