Vice President Mary Jenkins called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM.


MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING: A motion was made, seconded and approved to dispense with the reading of the minutes of the August meeting.




REPORT OF SECRETARY: Secretary Ann Buchanan and Don Etheridge announced that General Membership Meeting notes are now available on the TOTC website.  An archive starting with the March 2009 meeting can be found by going to the website and choosing “Member Meetings”.  Go to the bottom of that page and you will see “TOTC Member Meeting Minutes Archives”. 


REPORT OF THE TREASURER: Treasurer Don Etheridge went over the September Financial Report.  We don’t have much income during the Summer since classes are suspended.  Income was donations for Obedience and Rally Prizes.  Expenses were rent and grants from the Education Reserve Fund for TOTC members who applied for funds to go to seminars.  Don’s report was approved.  A full copy of the financial report is available to any member upon request.


REPORT OF THE VICE PRESIDENT:  Mary reminded us that the Annual TOTC Picnic was scheduled for the next Thursday September 10 at 6:30 PM at Lucky Dog Park.  A barbeque meal is to be provided by TOTC.  Doggie games and races are scheduled and everyone was encouraged to bring their dogs, crates and chairs.  Don Etheridge, Carl Strange and June Cook volunteered to call all members and get a head count as well as encourage everyone to attend.


Since she is in charge of our demo at the East Texas State Fair, Mary also asked for volunteers to appear at the September 30 event.  We plan to have 3 demos between 6:00 and 9:00 PM that will show a combination of Agility, Obedience and Rally skills.  Dogs and handlers of varying experience are needed.  Those who volunteer will get a parking pass and ticket that are good for the entire Fair.  Mary will need to have her list of participants as soon as possible so she can get the tickets and parking passes to the volunteers before the Fair begins.


Mary also reported that the TOTC Executive Board customarily decides on donations to animal charities toward the end of each year.  This year the Board would like more input from TOTC members about charities they are familiar with so the donation/s can go to ones our members feel are worthwhile.  


REPORT OF THE TRAINING DIRECTOR: Training Director Robin Visniski passed out the 2010 schedule.  Obedience and Rally classes will be on Tuesdays and Puppy and Pet Class sessions will always be at 6:30 PM.  We hope that will free up TOTC members to teach or assist and still take a class that begins at 7:45.  Obedience and Rally classes will be 6 weeks long.  In the week between sessions we will offer the CGC.  Agility classes will be on Thursdays again and remain 8 weeks long.  Robin had some teachers for our next session this year that were scheduled to begin September 15 and 17.  She needed a teacher for Puppy class and helpers for all classes.  We are going to start having a social of sorts at the third class of each Pet class session.  We will end a little early so they can fill out the class survey but we are adding refreshments and Robin is planning an Obedience and Agility demo.  We want to show the classes what they can do after Pet Class and hopefully interest them in becoming TOTC members.  To do this we need as many TOTC members as possible to come out on September 29 and help us show the class participants what a great group we are and the fun activities they can do if they get involved.


REPORT OF THE TRAINING SECRETARY: Training Secretary Carl Strange said he would stock up on nametags for class members for each week.  We think this will help our teachers and helpers, as well as class members, get to know each other.  Carl reminded everyone to make sure they are up to date on their vaccinations and provide him with their latest records.  He also needs help at registration on September 15 and 17.




TOTC Oxygen Mask Program – Donna Doyle has done a fantastic job acquiring the masks, identifying area fire department contacts/locations and scheduling presentations.  However she is not able to work on the program at this time and needs to hand it over to someone else.  Harry Steelman and Jennifer Johnson volunteered to take over the program.  Kudos and thanks for stepping up!


Obedience & Rally Trials October 10, 2009, Canton, TX – Don went over that Tyler Texas Kennel Club has events Saturday and Sunday but our trials are only on Saturday.  TTKC has asked that any TOTC members available help them set up Thursday afternoon beginning around 4:00 pm.  They will meet at city owned First Monday Trade Days area in Canton.  A map to the site is included in the Premium List which is on the TOTC website.  Don reported that he limited the entries to our trials in a different way for this event.  Instead of a certain number of dogs maximum in any class this will be based on each judge being allowed to judge for a maximum of 8 hours.  Each class has certain time estimates for each dog shown and once we get entries that max out the 8 hours allowed registration will cease.  On the Obedience side there will be a preference for those who compete in both Open and Utility (UDX).  


Tracking Seminar, November 21 & 22, 2009 – Cheryl Etheridge announced that as of the meeting there were still 3 working spots but TOTC members needed to sign up and get their money in immediately.  Registration opened up to non-TOTC members as of September 1.  For a working spot a harness will be needed and a 6-8 foot lead.  Cheryl has access to a vendor with the right type of harnesses and leads and a price break is available for a group order.  Contact Cheryl if you are interested.  The harness is a good harness whether you are tracking or not.


2010 Agility Trials – Cheryl Etheridge announced that our first Agility Trial is February 20 and 21, 2010.  She has a Masters Judge already and is working on the others.  The second Trial will be May 15 and 16, 2010.  Both will be at Teas Rose Horse Park.  Committee members are needed to help with additional planning and implementation.




Mary Jenkins & Cheryl Etheridge are two of the three members needed to form the Nominating Committee for 2010 TOTC Officers.  They were in the process of finding an additional member from the TOTC membership.  Two offices are open, President and Training Director.  If anyone has a suggestion or would like to be nominated they can contact any Board Member.  The Nominating Committee will present its recommendations but nominations from the floor will also be taken at the November General Membership Meeting.  Elections will be held at the Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet in December.





Speaking of the Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet, Robin Visniski is in charge of compiling competition results for the year to calculate the winners of special awards and give out patches earned.  Please contact her with your Obedience, Rally & Agility results as soon as possible.




First Reading – None


Second Reading – None


Mary Jenkins adjourned the meeting at 7:30 PM.