President Kathleen McCullough called the meeting to order at 6:40 PM.


MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING: A motion was made, seconded and approved to dispense with the reading of the minutes of the October meeting.


REPORT OF PRESIDENT: No formal report.


REPORT OF SECRETARY: Secretary Ann Buchanan passed around correspondence thank you notes about our Canton show.


REPORT OF THE TREASURER: Treasurer Don Etheridge reported that Longview Kennel Club had finally sent us our money from the July show. The Canton show will probably lose money once everything is accounted for. Our main end-of-year expenses will be the Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet and any charitable contributions we decide to make. Don’s report was approved. A full copy of the financial report is available to any member upon request.


REPORT OF THE VICE PRESIDENT: Vice President Mary Jenkins said that the Tyler Christmas Parade would be Thursday, December 3rd. Participants and their dogs should meet behind the Salvation Army building by 5:30 dressed for the occasion. Santa hats and other holiday garb are welcome in addition to TOTC clothing. Robin Visniski can get flashing bone collar attachments for those who don’t have the discontinued flashing collars for their dogs. Just remember that this parade is close quarters and dogs that don’t tolerate crowds or kids would not fit this activity. Mary also said that the Annual Meeting and Awards party is set for Thursday December 17th at the Holiday Inn on South Broadway. She will need RSVP’s for those planning to attend. Each member is allowed one guest. We will have the traditional gift exchange and each person who plans to participate should bring a gift valued at around $20. It does not have to be dog related. Belinda Steelman agreed to run the gift exchange. It is action packed, fast and fun!


REPORT OF THE TRAINING DIRECTOR: Training Director Robin Visniski reported that the 7:45 PM class on Tuesday and the Agility classes had a few more weeks to go and that would finish out our year. Attendance has been good with fewer dropouts than usual. The third week demo seems to be helping with class retention. 2010 Obedience and Rally classes will commence on Tuesday January 12 and Agility on Thursday January 14th. Robin also reminded everyone that she needs everyone’s high scores and titles earned over the year in order to recognize and reward them at the banquet. Get them to her ASAP by sending an email to


REPORT OF THE TRAINING SECRETARY: Training Secretary Carl Strange said that he would need help when the 2010 classes register in January. Puppy & Pet Classes (6:30 PM) and Companion & Advanced Obedience Classes (7:45 PM) begin Tuesday January 12th. Agility I & III Classes (6:30 PM) and Agility II & IV Classes (7:45 PM) begin Thursday January 14th.



Nominating Committee – Mary Jenkins, Cheryl Etheridge and Karen Riley presented their slate of officers for 2010. They are:

President – Harry Steelman                                  Vice President – Mary Jenkins

Secretary – Ann Buchanan                                   Treasurer – Don Etheridge

Training Director – Joyce Anderson                    Training Secretary – Carl Strange


President Kathleen McCullough presented each name for nomination and opened the meeting for nominations from the floor. There were no nominations from the floor for any office so the slate of officers as recommended by the Nominating Committee will be voted on by secret ballot at the Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet on December 17th.


Obedience & Rally Trials, October 10, 2009, Canton, TX – Don Etheridge reported that the only complaint, which we could not control, was the weather. We paid $200 in rent for the area we used. If we wanted an enclosed building the price would be prohibitive. We matted the event ourselves and will have to in future if we decide to hold this show again. Onofrio will only mat enclosed buildings. We were not able to make any additional money because we did not have a raffle or hold any C-Matches. As negative as this sounds it was a really good event and the participants in general complimented us.


Tracking Seminar, November 21 & 22, 2009 with Charlene Dunn – Cheryl Etheridge reported that registration was to close on November 7th and that anyone who had not registered but wanted to attend should sign up as soon as possible. She expected each day to begin around 8:00 AM and finish around 5:00 PM.


Agility Trials, February 21-22, 2010 and May 15-16, 2010 at Texas Rose Horse Park. – Cheryl Etheridge reported that she has two judges for the February event and is also working on judges for the May trials. She expects that we will have a worker’s only raffle.


Obedience & Rally Trials, July 31 and August 1, 2010. Don Etheridge has one judge confirmed and three to go. Don is the Show Chair and needs an Assistant Show Chair. Anyone interested in the job should contact Don at





Kathleen asked that any member who knew of a worthwhile dog related charity should give contact information to any Executive Board member so they can put together a list of charities we would like to donate to before the end of the year. So far Hearts in Harmony, the Canine Cancer Foundation and Therapet have been suggested. Other types of groups we have heard about but do not have specific information on are programs to foster military pets, local canine units and programs to transport war dogs back to the US.


The Executive Board is looking into new logo items and is checking with Exclusively Yours Advertising in Tyler about poop bags we could give out.


Treasurer Don Etheridge announced that 2010 membership dues are due. Adult Member renewals are $20 and Junior Members are $15.



First Reading – Jan Graham who has a Border Collie named Blaze took a Puppy Class taught by Don Etheridge this fall. Diane Nipp also has a Border Collie and took Pet Class with Kathleen McCullough. We’re glad to have them with us!


Second Reading – Edie Durdin, Jim Johnson, Nancy Ledlow & Kathy A. Smith were each voted in as new members! Congratulations and welcome!



As the 2008 recipient, it is Carl Strange’s duty to present the 2009 Sportsmanship Award to the next winner. This award is given each year, but only once in a lifetime, to a member who has given extraordinary service to TOTC and embodies our club’s values. Carl handed out ballots to each member in attendance and took them up after the voting. Only he (and the trophy shop) will know the identity of the 2009 winner until he presents the award at the Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet on December 17th.


ADJOURNMENT: Kathleen adjourned the meeting at 7:30 PM.