President Harry Steelman called the meeting to order at 6:50 PM.


During the meeting we took a break and Kevin Curran presented a program about Drafting. He invited anyone interested to come to a Test being held March 13 & 14 at Pads N Paws Training Center near Troup. The invitation was to observe or even volunteer to steward.


MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING: A motion was made, seconded and passed to dispense with the reading of the minutes of the February meeting.


REPORT OF PRESIDENT: Harry let the members know that the Board is looking for worthwhile animal or animal related charities for contributions throughout the year. We hope to make a donation on behalf of TOTC each quarter. Anyone with information about a charity they want considered should contact a Board member.


REPORT OF SECRETARY: Secretary Ann Buchanan passed around some correspondence. Therapet Foundation thanked us for allowing them to sell bandanas and leashes at the Agility Trial. Longview Dog Park is a group in Longview trying to construct a dog park. They will have a fund raising event on May 1, 2010 at Teague Park from 9:00 AM to noon.


REPORT OF THE TREASURER: Treasurer Don Etheridge said that we took in more than we spent from the February Agility Trial. He also let the club know that new woven/oxford cloth TOTC long sleeve shirts are available for $20. We got a special deal on this first batch and additional ones will probably be more expensive. A motion was made, seconded and passed approving Don’s report. A full copy of the financial report is available to any member upon request.


REPORT OF THE VICE PRESIDENT: Vice President Mary Jenkins announced several upcoming events in our area. April 3, 10 & 17 TOTC will provide teachers and helpers for the Hideaway Small Animal Clinic Mini Obedience Sessions. April 24, TOTC will provide demos at the Quitman Animal Clinic Pet Fair. We will need volunteers to participate. May 8 & 9 there will be a CPE Agility Trial in Frankston for those who are interested in or are competing in CPE events. Those interested in tracking need to contact Cheryl Etheridge. She is trying to set up a regular get together – perhaps once a month at Lucky Dog – to share information and practice. Our next TOTC General Membership meeting will be April 1 at Lucky Dog Park. New TOTC decals have been ordered. When they arrive Mary said they would be available at Lucky Dog Park on TOTC nights and at future meetings. Price is yet to be determined.


REPORT OF THE TRAINING DIRECTOR: Training Director Joyce Anderson was unable to attend. Mary Jenkins reported for Joyce that we need Pet Class assistants for the next session beginning March 9.


REPORT OF THE TRAINING SECRETARY: Training Secretary Carl Strange asked that members help with Registration on the 9th. Wear your TOTC shirt and nametag.




Agility Trials February 20 & 21, Texas Rose Horse Park – Trial Chairman Cheryl Etheridge reported that the February trials were successful and that we received many compliments. Our TOTC member volunteers were great and the addition of the Girl Scouts (and their cookies) and other student help made things run smoothly. Robin Visniski said, compared to other Agility Trials she has attended, ours are a cut above! There was a suggestion that TOTC investigate adding a third day to our Agility events and add Team Agility.


Agility Trials May 15 & 16, Texas Rose Horse Park – Trial Chairman Cheryl Etheridge said that everything is pretty well set for another great weekend.


Obedience & Rally Trials July 31 & August 1, Longview, TX – Trial Chair Don Etheridge said we will have mixed breed competitors for the first time and four judges/rings. Kathleen McCullough is in charge of Prizes and said that sponsorship of a Class is $35. She will assemble them with the donations received. Contact her as soon as possible to choose a Class. Breed or other special prizes can also be awarded and those prizes are chosen and provided by the sponsors. Contact Kathleen and let her know what you want to sponsor, what the prize will be and its estimated value. She will also be in charge of the prizes for the Longview show on Sunday. Robin Visniski is Chief Ring Steward and in charge of our Raffle. She is taking Raffle items and money to purchase items now. She will be in touch for steward volunteers closer to the events.


Obedience & Rally Trials, Canton, TX – Don Etheridge reported that due to the unavailability of an enclosed TOTC will not hold an October trial in Canton. The Trinity Valley Sheltie Club is still having an outdoor event and we might let them rent some of our equipment.




First Reading – Nancy Davis has Pugs, Mollie and Daisy, and an Aussie named Indy. She took classes from TOTC several years ago and has earned a CD and CDX. Stormi (Susan) Johnson has two Aussies, Sampson and Aggie, and a Lab named Canon. She took a Puppy Class in the spring of 2009. Edi Warren has two Havaneses, Tab and Trip. She has earned a CD in the past and is looking forward to taking a TOTC class in April. Julie Williams has a Vizsla, Reba, and a terrier mix named Sophie. She took Pet Class the first session of this year with Terri Altman.


Second Reading – Terrell Fenner, Nancy Hill, Ken McKee, Erin Taylor & Denise Tobias were individually nominated and voted in as new TOTC members. Congratulations and thanks for joining us!




TOTC has a newsletter in the works! It will be published electronically every quarter. Joyce Anderson is the reporter and Don Etheridge will edit and publish. If you have articles, information or suggestions for the first edition, please contact Joyce before March 15 so she can work up the information and get it to Don by March 20.




Robin Visniski asked if TOTC would rent its Agility equipment to other groups who want to have Agility trials at Lucky Dog Park. The Executive Board will discuss the issue and make a decision. Cheryl Etheridge brought information about the First Annual Canines for the Cure Texas Agility Shoot-Out. This is a non-sanctioned Agility fundraiser that will benefit the National Canine Cancer Foundation. It will be held June 19 & 20 at the Watt arena in Fort Worth. A motion was made, seconded and passed for TOTC to sponsor a small logo on the commemorative t-shirt ($100) and donate a “free weekend package certificate” for one of our 2011 USDAA trials.


A motion was made, seconded and passed and Harry adjourned the meeting at 8:00 PM.