Tyler Obedience Training Club

Member Meeting Minutes

Thursday June 3, 2010


Meeting called to order by President Harry Steelman at 6:40 p.m.


Report of the Secretary

In the absence of Secretary Ann Buchanan, Training Secretary Carl Strange read the May 6, 2010, meeting minutes. Motion made by Cheryl Etheridge to approve with no changes. Seconded by Joyce Anderson. Minutes were approved unanimously.


Harry read a notice received in the mail from Fit Furballs, a new pet sitting service in the area. The card was passed around and will be posted on the TOTC bulletin board inside the Lucky Dog Park training building.


Don Etheridge read a thank-you card from Quitman Animal Clinic for putting on an agility/obedience demonstration at their Annual Patient Appreciation Fair in April. There was no cash donation included.


Joyce Anderson showed and passed around pictures that were published in the Palestine Herald-Press on June 1st of participants in the BARC Critter Family Fun Day. Her husband, George, by the way, took the photos. Joyce said there was a separate write-up mentioning Tyler Obedience Training Club. She will try to get the Secretary a copy.


Report of the Treasurer

Treasurer Don Etheridge gave current balance and profit/loss reports showing that the club remains in sound financial condition. The club made a profit on the two agility trials we hosted in February and May. The upcoming Obedience and Rally Trials will be the primary expense of the summer months. A copy of any financial report is available to any club member upon request.


Report of the Training Director

Training Director Joyce Anderson complemented everyone who is taking and teaching classes. The Companion Class is one of the largest we’ve had and the students are progressing quite well. She is pleased that we are encouraging students to move on to more advanced training. Kathleen McCullough’s Pet Class has a very good retention and Joyce said she hopes the enthusiasm carries over past the summer months. Kathleen added thanks to all the members who have helped with the Pet Class especially the guest instructors and assistants.


BARC – Four members made the trek to the Anderson County Youth Expo Center in Palestine on May 29th to represent TOTC at the Humane Society’s Critter Family Fun Day; Mary Dick, Mary Jenkins, Cindy Lorenz and Joyce. In addition to putting on a drill team routine, CGC Evaluators, Joyce and Mary J. tested 8 dogs for the AKC Canine Good Citizen program. Seven of the dogs passed the test and all test fees were donated to BARC. The news article in the Palestine Herald-Press (mentioned above) gave a very good description of CGC and she forwarded her copy to AKC along with the test results. BARC was very appreciative of TOTC’s participation.


While at the Fun Day, Joyce met with people from Dallas who were demonstrating Canine Freestyle. They would very much like to give a presentation to TOTC members – perhaps at a future club meeting. Joyce has given the contact info to Vice President Mary J.


Report of the Training Secretary

Training Secretary Carl Strange said there are just two weeks to go in the class sessions before the summer break. He encouraged members to come out for graduation - meeting potential new members and encouraging them to continue training.


Reports of Committees


Agility Trial Chair Cheryl Etheridge thanked everyone who chaired a subcommittee, served as a steward, worked a table and ran a dog in the May USDAA Trial. Many thanks especially to Course Builder Dave Visniski and Trial Secretary Carl Strange. She asked Don to give a financial recap, which he did. There followed a general discussion on the trial including what went well and some things to improve on.


Cheryl is now preparing for the 2011 trials and will verify dates and availability with Texas Rose Horse Park. Robin Visniski suggested that the club consider adding Dog Agility Masters Team classes to our trials in 2011. This would add another day to the schedule but would attract a lot of competitors who really need Team points. Cheryl agreed and said she and her committee will seriously look into it.


Obedience & Rally Committee Chair Don Etheridge said we are gearing up for the trials to be at the Jaycee Exhibit Building in Longview on July 31 & August 1. For the first time ever, our trials will accept mixed breed entries through the Canine Partners Program.

Š Kathleen is the Prizes & Awards chair and reported that all prizes were sponsored but one and TOTC is picking up the cost.

Š Harry reported for Belinda Steelman, Food & Concession Chair, that we will probably get BBQ in Longview as Hickory Fare in Tyler (whom we’ve used several times before) has not reopened after a remodeling. Most of the food and concession activity will begin a few weeks before the show.

Š Raffle Chair Robin Visniski said she is still accepting donations of raffle items – they need not be dog related. All members are encouraged to give raffle items to her or drop them by the storage room on the west side of the Lucky Dog Park training arena with your name attached so she can give you credit for the donation.

Š Pat Gannon will handle the C-Matches. The “TOTC Match” will be Friday July 30th starting at 4:00 p.m. and Don asked all members to come help set up and steward the match. The “Volunteer Match” will begin a few minutes after the presentation of all High Scoring Awards Saturday afternoon. TOTC members are not required to work this match but will instead be worked by participants and volunteers.


Harry asked Robin about the CPE agility trial in Frankston and she reported that the trial was not well attended because of many other agility conflicts on the same weekend. But she encouraged TOTC to continue looking into the possibility of holding CPE ourselves.


New Members

First Readings were made for:

Š Phillip McManus with Chelsie, a Havanese/Schnauzer, from Don’s Puppy Class and Kathleen’s Pet Class;

Š Tiffany O’Neal (a Junior Member applicant) with two Yorkshire Terriers, Annie & Winston, from Robin’s Pet Class, Joyce’s Companion Class, and Don’s Rally Class;

Š Rachel Pearson with Landon, a Belgian Sheepdog, and three Catahoula Leopards, Deets, Mimzy & Tweedy. Rachel’s dogs have earned advanced obedience and agility titles plus Landon is a Champion and Tweedy is a therapy dog. Both Landon & Tweedy have passed CGC tests.


Sandy Hocking, George Keahey, Mauricia Kemp, Colleen Maddox, Ray Simmons and Jacque Simmons were each read a second time before the members. Motions were made, seconded and unanimously passed for each person approving their membership into the club. WELCOME NEW MEMBERS!


Old Business

Cheryl reminded everyone that the Texas Agility Shoot-Out will be at Watt Arena in Fort Worth June 19th and all proceeds are going to the National Canine Cancer Foundation. Tyler Obedience Training Club is a sponsor of the event and all members are encouraged to come run agility – whether you have a lot of experience or not. It’s a fund-raiser for a good cause and will be lots of fun. Robin mentioned that one of the founders of the NCCF has recently moved to Longview and could be available for a meeting program. This information will be passed along to Mary J.


Kathleen announced that volunteer puppy raisers are needed for Patriot Paws. She will be giving a program at the July meeting on the good work Patriot Paws does.


Robin mentioned that she has found a remarkable new way to keep mosquitoes, chiggers, ticks and other insects away. The repellent is called Shoo! The original formula has been used in the UK for many years but the company has recently been able to provide the protection on a credit-card-sized barrier tag you wear. Robin admitted that she and her mother were very, very skeptical at first, but began using Shoo! three weeks ago and are now “mosquito free” on their daily walks. Anyone interested should ask her at either Lucky Dog or Petland.


Cheryl also reminded everyone that Tracking Practice will be held at Lucky Dog Park Saturday June 12 at 8:00 a.m.


Motion was made, seconded and unanimously approved to adjourn at 7:28 p.m.



Respectfully recorded and submitted by

Don Etheridge for Secretary Ann Buchanan