President Harry Steelman called the meeting to order at 6:40 PM.

MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING: A motion was made, seconded and approved to dispense with the reading of the minutes of the October meeting.

REPORT OF THE TREASURER: Treasurer Don Etheridge reported that we have end of year activities that will take up some of the year’s profits and he hopes to come out pretty even and not have to pay income tax. The Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet will be an expense and we are also stocking up on promotional items and may need some updated equipment. Don’s report was approved. A full copy of the financial report is available to any member upon request.

REPORT OF THE VICE PRESIDENT: Vice President Mary Jenkins said that our next event would be the Christmas Parade on December 2. Everyone should meet behind the Salvation Army at 5:00 PM. Robin has flashing antlers (for dogs) that are about $5.00 at Petland. Participants usually go out to eat after the parade. This is an event where the crowd is very close so dogs with shyness or other issues would not be a good fit. On December 9 our Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet will be held at the Holiday Inn on South Broadway in Tyler. Among the activities that night we will recognize those who have received titles during the year and taught or assisted with classes, award special achievements and elect 2011 Officers. Since we didn’t make a third quarter charitable donation we will double up for the fourth quarter. The idea as of now is to donate to either the funeral expenses for the Tyler Police Canine Officer that recently died or toward supplies or vet services for the new officer they intend to get. Kathleen McCullough explained our famous gift exchange rules. They’re too long to go into here but if you want to participate bring a gift ($20-25) and join in!

REPORT OF THE TRAINING DIRECTOR: Training Director Joyce Anderson asked everyone to submit their titles and scores for the year by December 1 so they can be recognized at the Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet. To be eligible you have to turn in your information. If anyone hasn’t gotten their TOTC Bucks for teaching or assisting Joyce will have them at the Banquet. She has a list to work from but if you haven’t received your certificate let her know. Joyce invited everyone to the Instructor/Assistant Seminar, November 13 from 9 AM to 4 PM and asked those planning to attend to contact her. Lunch was to be provided. Joyce also introduced the 2011 Class schedule. It is very ambitious and tries to make good use of the new Lucky Dog area.

REPORT OF THE TRAINING SECRETARY: Training Secretary Carl Strange said that registration for the last class session was successful and there was a good turn out. Plans are in the works to give participants their handouts by email and to contact them between class sessions to reinforce what was covered at the last class.


Agility Trials – February 19-20, 2011. Cheryl Etheridge reported that everything is submitted and we have judges and a supervisor (if needed). The Premium was scheduled to be out in about a week. Phyllis Hagen, who is organizing the Workers’ Raffle, asked for donations. They can be items or money to buy prizes. The Girl Scouts will be there with cookies again.

Obedience & Rally Trials, July 30-31, 2011 – Don Etheridge reported that he has some of the judges and is still working on some.

Nominating Committee – Mary Jenkins presented the recommendations of the Nominating Committee (Mary, Karen Riley and Kathleen McCullough) The slate of officers is:

President – Harry Steelman
Vice President – Mary Dick
Secretary – Robin Visniski
Treasurer – Don Etheridge
Training Director – Cheryl Etheridge
Training Secretary – Carl Strange

After the slate of officers was presented Harry opened the meeting for nominations from the floor. There were none. At that point Mary Jenkins went over the Sportsmanship Award and passed out ballots. She will tabulate the votes and present the 2010 Sportsmanship Award at the Banquet.


First Reading – Jenna Bragg will be a Junior Member and has an Australian Shepherd named Josie. She took a class this Fall taught by Harry Steelman. Pat Bowers has Patches, a Wire Fox Terrier and has taken a Pet Class. Jennifer Foley has Zoe, a Bouvier Des Flandres and Barkley, a Boxer. She also took Pet Class with Harry. Cindy Miles took Pet Class back in the Spring and has a mix breed (Lab/Pit) named Gunner. Susan Poythress has a Golden named Peaches and a Standard Poodle puppy. She has titles but has also taken a TOTC class. Welcome all!

Second Reading – Kodi Pinnell was voted in as a TOTC member. We’re glad to have you as a member!


NEW BUSINESS: Don Etheridge announced that a tracking seminar was scheduled for November 20-21 in West Monroe, Louisiana. He planned to attend and had information for anyone interested. Lucky Dog Park upcoming agility matches were scheduled for November 14 and December 5. Dave Visniski posted new instructions about the lights at Lucky Dog Park. Lucky Dog will be open Tuesday evenings in December for member training and we need to follow the new instructions.

Harry adjourned the meeting at 7:20 PM.