MARCH 3, 2011


Meeting called to order at 6:40pm in the Lucky Dog Park training building by President Harry Steelman.


Secretary’s Report: Robin Visniski made available an Upcoming Events List and Member Roster to the members. Also anyone needing name tags besides the new members should please let Robin know.


Treasurer’s Report: Don Etheridge reported the club remains in sound financial condition. The February agility trial made approximately $3000. Report accepted. Any club member may request a full financial report.


Vice President’s Report: Mary Dick reminded all that every time a member volunteers at an event they receive a ticket in the $100 quarterly drawing. The next drawing will be at the April meeting.

Members wanting to nominate a charity for the $100 donation that TOTC gives every quarter should let Mary know.


Training Director’s Report: Cheryl Etheridge handed out TOTC bucks for teaching classes. We need teachers for both March 8th and 10th classes. Pet, Puppy, CD classes and

Novice agility was added to the class schedule starting March 29th at 7:45.

Our Obedience Match is on March 27th. We will need volunteers to work. 9am-2pm

To enter, the fees will be $10 for 7 minutes.


Training Secretary’s Report: Carl Strange said at the agility show the Girl Scouts sold 134 boxes of cookies and had lots of fun.


On March 10th, Vicki Cooper is bringing a trainer from Europe to visit TOTC classes to show her our training methods. Anyone wanting to meet her or go out to dinner later is welcome.


Agility Committee:

We appreciate everyone’s help. Special thanks to Don for filling in for Robin and Harry. We got very nice compliments from the competitors. May 7 & 8 is our next show.


Obedience Show: July 30th & 31st. We will have a match on Friday and Saturday night. Don needs volunteers to chair the committees.


New Members:

1st Readings: Pam Smith, Karen Mason, Debra Abbuhl,

2nd Readings & Voted into membership: Anne Palmer, Stephen Johnson, Krissy Gray, Courtney Hinson, Christine McManus, Karen Nicodemus, Eden Lovelady.


Old Business:

T-Shirts and Jackets: Mary Jenkins is ordering jackets and TOTC shirts. If you want a jacket with your name on it, order through Mary.


First Aid Kits: Kathleen McCullough replenished both the dog and human 1st Aid Kits and put them in the indoor building. She reviewed with the members what was in each one.


New Business:

The CGC test will be offered after this meeting.


After the meeting Don will show members how to dremel their dogs nails.


The Petapalooza Adopt-a-thon in Ben Wheeler is scheduled for March 5th, starting at 10am. We will demo obedience and agility.


We are reprinting TOTC brochures for anyone needing them.


Dave Visniski demonstrated a new training tool called the Manners Minder. A remote controlled treat dispenser. For members, they would cost $100 each.


Meeting adjourned at 7:45pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Robin Visniski

TOTC Secretary